PuzzleFlow Solution

PuzzleFlow – Prepress Automation
and Optimization Software

Newspaper Production

Automated production solutions designed for newspapers: automated ad and page preflighting and fixing, page pairing, image toning, workflow management and more.

Ink Optimization
and Image Toning

For commercial printers & newspapers – Automated PDF ink optimization and automated image toning.

Save ink & improve print quality!

Magazine Publishing

With PuzzleFlow Publisher, PDF convesion, correction, group communication, multiple approval levels, browser based easy remote access, total management of a publishing house.


Intelligent WebToPrint production system with on-line job supply, preflight, processing, approval and webshop

CIP3 Ink Control

ink coverage calculator (*.ppf) files directly from PDF files – supports various screening including AM/FM mixed raster, and dot gain curves.


A complete automated workflow with preflight, correction, optimization, imposition, CMS, trapping and more.

Color Management

RGB to CMYK, device link ICC Profiles, remap colors, spot, Pantone and HKS, black preservation, hexachrome, trapping and more.


a PDF optimization portal for freelancers, you create and we improving your PDF for final output. Try it for free!