History of PuzzleFlow

The timeline below shows all important events in PuzzleFlow history from the latest to the oldest.

  • PuzzleFlow Solutions opens NYC office

    January 2016

    PuzzleFlow Solutions Inc. opened New York based office dedicated to serve our customers in North America. The office is located at 200 Park Avenue, Suite 1700, New York City and after Brussels and Ras Al Khaimah (UEA) it is the third abroad office of PuzzleFlow Solutions.

    We believe that the direct cooperation with our customers will bring benefits to both sides and will allow us to provide even better support and, what's more, to deliver custom solutions tailored to the needs of the local markets.

  • Termination of PuzzleFlow Media Technologies joint venture agreement

    September 30rd, 2015

    The joint venture agreement between INFOSYSTEMS SA and Digital 66 LLC managed by Richard Lamframboise was dissolved at the end of Q3 2015. PuzzleFlow Solutions Inc. as a company fully depended from INFOSYSTEMS will directly coordinate its commercial activities on creating the strength and the brand development of PuzzleFlow in the United States.

    We decided to make a major change in our operations on the US market: PuzzleFlow Solutions Inc. will do the business in this market and communicate its offer to US firms directly through its own structures and stuff who has implemented and maintained the PuzzleFlow software since 15 years. This step opened the next stage of presence of PuzzleFlow Solutions on the US market and more direct level of partnership and service care expected by its customers.

  • MT

    PuzzleFlow Media Technologies (PMT)

    September 3rd, 2014

    INFOSYSTEMS S.A. and Digital 66 LLC managed by Richard Lamframboise, sign a joint venture agreement. Working together as "PuzzleFlow Media Technologies" (PMT), the two will share common development and marketing resources to provide enhanced products, services, and support for the newspaper and publishing industries worldwide.

  • INFOSYSTEMS S.A. purchases the PuzzleFlow Brand

    April 2012

    In April of 2012, INFOSYSTEMS becomes the owner of the PuzzleFlow trademark and products. Shortly after the acquisition, INFOSYSTEMS expands the development team and moves towards expanded worldwide distribution and integration with some of its own award winning print MIS products.
  • PuzzleFlow goes Cloud and Enterprise


    Implementation of a number of large, enterprise scale, installations illustrate the new Framework scalability, resulting in effective and efficient centralization of multiple, large scale production centers:

    RPI, a digital-image printing company in Seattle, (partner of Snapfish), and Liturgical Publications Inc (LPi), chooses PuzzleFlow Solutions to implement 100% automated prepress production systems, each consolidating their workflow operations corporate wide.

    Gannett (GPS) chooses PuzzleFlow Solutions US to provide companywide, automated PDF creation, preflighting, prepress-correction, page routing and distribution.

    Bauer Media Polska implements the second version of PuzzleFlow Publisher to cover prepress production, planning and team collaboration in one centralized system.

    Ready4print offers the first cloud based SOS using a PuzzleFlow system as its foundation. For the first time in history, Vogue magazine (and all other G&J magazines in the Netherlands), use Publisher, in the cloud, to outsource automated prepress. Over 500,000 catalog and magazine pages are processed by PuzzleFlow Publisher, in the cloud, in 2012.

  • PuzzleFlow and Solution Framework

    May, 2008

    The first franchising agreement for using the PuzzleFlow technology and trademark when creating, marketing and supporting PuzzleFlow-based software is signed, and Flashlight Digital begins to officially do business as PuzzleFlow Solutions US.

    PuzzleFlow Solutions US, announces the release of WebPairer 3.0. Building on the rapid success of PuzzleFlow Automator, a unique software product that helps newspapers automate their prepress, preflight, verify quality, the addition of automated page pairing in WebPairer 3.0 rounds out a fully automated newspaper/web printing workflow functionality expected by PuzzleFlow customers with dedicated, automated newspaper page pairing, with fully integrated workflow management.

    From a marketing perspective, the formal decision is made to use "PuzzleFlow" as the international product and company brand. From a development perspective, the goal moving forward is to build solutions on top of the PuzzleFlow core technology called the "Solution Framework," to, among other things facilitate rapid internet application development.

  • PuzzleFlow Solutions Framework - a new approach

    May, 2008

    ACCHSH exhibits at Drupa 2004 together with its partners: PuzzleFlow Solutions us, Ready4Print, Lewald und Partner.

    Along with other developments, PuzzleFlow (as the company is becoming known in the industry) introduces the PuzzleFlow PoD system, based on a new and innovative Framework (PuzzleFlow 4), which has its official premiere at the show in Düsseldorf.

    This same year, another new product is introduced: PuzzleFlow Publisher a complete system for publishers and ad agencies. Publisher is a new unifying approach to publishing which brings together planning, communications, file creation, prepress preparation, and more – from file acquisition and creation, to submission for printing. Within a few months, the Publisher system is implemented at Sanoma in the Netherlands.

    Meanwhile in the USA, a growing number of newspapers are implementing PuzzleFlow Automator, a new preflight and auto-correction system developed by PuzzleFlow Solutions US.

  • American Expansion of ACCHSH

    May, 2007

    USA based company, Flashlight Digital - specializing in automated prepress solutions, becomes the exclusive distributor of ACCHSH products in the United States. The agreement, is signed at the Nexpo show in Orlando where Flashlight Digital and ACCHSH exhibit in a common booth. Eventually, and for marketing consistency, Flashlight Digital decides to do business as PuzzleFlow Solutions US.

  • Gold Medal at Poligrafia 2007

    April, 2007

    At Poligrafia - the most prestigious print show in Poland - ACCHSH is honored with the Gold Medal Award, and the ACCHSH itself is named the "Marketing Bomb," as ACCHSH unveils its new image, new name, new logo, and new presentation of the company products.

  • 3rd Generation of PuzzleFlow is unveiled

    February 2006

    ACCHSH announces the latest version of its flagship product, the PuzzleFlow workflow system. PuzzleFlow v.3 contains many new modules and functions: increased functionality, speed, and ability to integrate with third party solutions. PuzzleFlow v.3 is now completely inclusive of ACCHSH’s PdfTools. The new PuzzleFlow version is announced at the ACCHSH International Partners Meeting, held in Kraków (Poland) in October of that year.

  • Polish-Chinese Co-operation

    February 2006

    PdfPreflighter and PdfTrapper, two modules created by ACCHSH, are implemented in the new release of the ElecRoc workflow solution, developed by Founder Electronics, and set to be shown for the first time at Ipex.

  • ACCHSH expands

    Year 2005

    In 2005, Version 4 of PROOFGATE is released. By this time, PuzzleFlow is installed in many locations and at many industry leading organizations such as: Bauer Media, Poland; Warsaw Technical University, Poland; Print & Display, Poland; Pronto Print, New Zealand; Delo (the largest national newspaper), Slovenia; Mecom, Germany; Agora, Poland; TUI Deutchland, Germany; and many others. Hundreds of system licenses are in the field, in countries like Norway, The Netherlands, Germany, Russia, and The USA.

  • PuzzleFlow 2 at Drupa 2004 and OEM expansion

    May, 2004

    AC&C HSH Group releases PuzzleFlow2, a unique native PDF workflow solution. PuzzleFlow2 is officially launched at Drupa 2004.

    After Drupa, a few important events take place:

    ColorGate (Germany) and AC&C HSH Group (Poland) form a strategic partnership for the development of a new product - which will become a new proofing "puzzle" (workflow tool) - "Color Gate," a few months later.

    A Few weeks after Drupa 2004, AC&C HSH Group signs a licensing agreement with Heidelberg Druck Maschienen AG under which Heidelberg will use the PdfRecombiner in the Prinect Printready System.

    German distributor Lewald and Partner announces an agreement with TUI AG under which AC&C HSH Group will deliver 10 PuzzleFlow Platinum servers.

  • AC&C HSH Group awarded Hot Pics for PuzzleFlow

    September, 2002

    PuzzleFlow is awared a Seybold Seminars Hot Pick again! This time the PuzzleFlow system, introduced only a few months earlier, was spotted by the Editors as the "inovation worth-a-look technology of the year." By this time, PuzzleFlow had developed to include client-server technology, with a dedicated processing server and remote clients. Also, the PuzzleFlow system could single-handedly accomplish most prepress tasks: job preflighting, page-geometry correction, personalization, imposition, tiling, bitmap resampling, OPI image downsampling and OPI image resolving, ICC-based color management, color separation, and new color recombination tool.

  • AC&C HSH Group introduces PuzzleFlow

    January, 2002

    ACC HSH Group introduces a new, innovative, automated PDF workflow system – "PuzzleFlow." Other workflow solutions that were current at the time, were by-and-large interface links that simply brought together various third party applications through a monitoring/configuration interface. PuzzleFlow, however, provided a variety of integrated PDF engines performing necessary prepress tasks through a single core, natively processing both PDF and PJTF Job ticket files.

  • AC&C and HSH Group - a joint venture

    May, 2000

    A joint venture was formed and registered between HSH Group and AC&C Ltd. Andrzej Czyż - head of AC&C from Warsaw - established a professional sales and support structure, and introduced HSH software to international markets. Andrzej Czyż later become the CEO of the company. Also during this time, new development approach was taken. A consolidated workflow became the development goal: to combine all the independent PDF native tools into various unified and targeted workflow systems.

  • PDF Tools awarded 'Hot Pick' by Seybold Seminars

    September, 1999

    Seybold Seminars, an industry leading seminar and "the premier trade show for the desktop publishing and pre-press industry" awards their coveted "Hot Pick" to PuzzleFlow's "PdfTools." The Hot Pick award was intended to focus attention on the industries most innovative technology, and as such, recognized innovation in the PdfTools suite, which included the first native PDF imposition software (PdfOrganizer), a native PDF stamping tool (PdfPersonalizer, also called PdfTattoo), and page pairing dedicated to newspaper production (PdfPairer).

  • HSH Group: the beginning of the PuzzleFlow PDF library.

    Year 1998

    By 1998, HSH Group already had a few years of experience creating prepress software. It was in this year, however, seeing the benefits of the PDF file format as an alternative and eventual replacement to PostScript, that Marcin Streszewski - the technical lead and future CTO of the company - began work on the world's first PDF imposition software. This became the foundation of the PuzzleFlow PDF library.