PuzzleFlow U.S. Offers ELPiCAL Claro Automated Image Toning

Novi, MI, U.S.A.: September 12, 2013

PuzzleFlow Adds Claro Automated Image Correction to Popular Production Automation Offerings – High volume image processing sites will realize rapid benefit

Two of the decade’s fast-rising players in the dynamic automation segment, PuzzleFlow and Elpical, today announce an agreement wherein PuzzleFlow will offer Elpical’s automated image correction software, Claro, in a stand alone version or integrated with PuzzleFlow’s full-featured PDF workflow automation platform.

As a result, existing PuzzleFlow clients as well as anyone in need of auto-toning and image enhancement in the Americas — especially publications that process high numbers of images — will enjoy the dual benefit of access to both the powerful Claro application and PuzzleFlow’s experienced US support team. Existing PuzzleFlow customers who choose to integrate Claro with PuzzleFlow’s industry-recognized workflow platform will maximize automation benefits and maintain, and in many cases increase, production quality.

Flipping the Switch for Full Speed Workflow Automation
PuzzleFlow’s advanced, PDF-based, automated prepress workflow solutions includes over 40 available processing modules, and now cover the complete spectrum of modern prepress tasks, from job acquisition to final output. Until Claro, all that had been missing was the automated image correction component.

“You can’t fully realize the power of automation without a way to automate image correction; it’s as simple as that,” says Richard Laframboise, Director of Operations, PuzzleFlow Solutions. “Claro is the smartest automated image correction you can get. I know, because we looked at everything.

“Now our magazine and newspaper customers, who make up the bulk of our installs in the Americas, will be able to flip the switch and go at full speed.”

Claro: High Speed Image Corrections that Conform to Publication Specs
Elpical Claro delivers fast processing of high volumes of images while achieving cost reduction and improved quality. Claro analyzes a range of specific parameters in each individual image — including those inside PDFs — and then enhances each image for highest-quality results. Images look the way they should, automatically conforming to publications’ resolution, color profile, and overall, unique “look and feel.”

Next-Generation Automation Adoption on the Rise
As the graphic arts market heads around the next curve, now incorporating multi-channel delivery, the shortest turn-arounds, and increasing automation throughout the enterprise; the next generation of technology developers — such as PuzzleFlow and Elpical — are pulling out, around, and in front of competitive systems challenged by older and less flexible platforms.

The frequency at which the two companies are securing customers such as Gannett, CNHI – Community Newspaper Holdings Inc., and Konica-Minolta (PuzzleFlow); as well as Top Gear, Modern Luxury, and USA Today (Elpical Claro); is evidence of how both are fulfilling changing technology needs at the world’s most demanding publication production facilities.

Automation Benefits
The move to automated systems is bringing production sites numerous benefits, including:

1. automated file acquisition, ad and page preflighting, size/color/quality checking and correction.

2. freeing up system resources for increased production.

3. manhours spent on “busy-work” can be redirected to enhance existing operations, increase profit, or to expand and create new revenue streams.

“We’ve had success in other automated environments, but that’s not the only reason we feel confident in this partnership” says John de Jong, founder and CEO of Elpical. “PuzzleFlow is also appealing because the company has focused, with considerable success, on two of our own most successful markets: newspaper and magazines. Together we present an unbeatable combination of affordability, flexibility, quality, and of course, automation.”

Elpical; maker of Claro, Organic Imaging, and Clover; develops and markets software solutions for digital imaging applications. One of the technology’s primary advantages is automatic enhancement and correction of image assets. Changes are based on a thorough picture analysis. Elpical also offers automation solutions for image workflows. These solutions ensure that organizing the sometimes overwhelming, daily flow of images becomes a relatively easy task.

Elpical was founded in 1997 following a management buy-out of the Electronic Imaging department of Victor Hasselblad AB. Since that time, Elpical has become a leading specialist in the field of digital imaging. Many renowned publishers of magazines and newspapers know Elpical as a reliable partner offering sophisticated solutions and reliable support. Elpical’s specialist knowledge has also made it a preferred partner for independent software vendors, solution providers and system integrators who require the most advanced and flexibl imaging functionality in their solutions.

Elpical Software is an international company with offices in The Netherlands and Germany. info@elpical.com www.elpical.com

PuzzleFlow (http://www.puzzleflow.com/) has spent the past 15 years developing and perfecting our own PDF library. This is an extremely powerful, stable, organic and flexible tool for reviewing, verifying, adjusting, and correcting PDF files. It is the intelligent core around which all of our software is built. PuzzleFlow Solutions U.S. is a Michigan based, U.S. owned developer of automated PDF, prepress, workflow, and preflighting systems for the newspaper industry, ink optimization systems for commercial and newspaper printing, and advanced, enterprise workflow systems. Working in partnership with PuzzleFlow Europe – developers of commercial printing and publishing solutions, PuzzleFlow Solutions U.S. has domestic and international resources creating a world of possibilities.


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