Control your prepress process

Preflight • Correction • Optimization

PuzzleFlow Contour is a modular and scalable workflow system for modern, automated prepress. PuzzleFlow Contour contains a basic set of prepress tools, but can be extended by every processing module available in PuzzleFlow Workflow suite. The system can be installed either as a local desktop tool, or as a WWW application, that can be used remotely, from any place, through a generic internet browser.

Prepress Automation

Automated jobs processing system for prepress and print. Bases on a concept of joining singular prepress tasks (modules) into automated processes chains (workflows). Processing can triggered either manually by a user or via hotfolders, which provides and easy and effective automation of repeatable technological tasks.

A wide range of optional processing modules and scalable computing power makes PuzzleFlow Contour a flexible and customizable solution for either small or large printing industries.

Automatic Imposition

Provides an extended imposition functionality based on built-in or created imposition templates. Among a wide range of standard imposition signatures, imposition module allows to create arbitrary complex imposition schemes.

The package also includes modules for generating and placing barcodes, personalizing documents with a contents from other documents and various transformations of document page geometry.

Imposition in PuzzleFlow Organizer

Additional imposition station equipped with PuzzleFlow Organizer Client application. Organizer is a stable and mature solution for automated imposition of flyers, books, magazines, brochures and other publications.

Color Management

Color management modules provides the following functionalities:

  • Color space conversions on the base of ICC profiles, including transformations with device-links
  • Conversion from spot colors (eg. PANTONE) do przestrzeni bazowych CMYK, RGTB, Lab
  • Color separation and recombination
  • Generating ink coverage profiles in CIP3/PPF/DIPS format

Correction and optimization

Provides advanced and effective PDF documents optimization:

  • Fonts to curves conversion
  • Flattening transparencies, overprints, converting shadings to bitmaps
  • Images resolution and compression control
  • Detection and correction of overprint parameters, eg. removing overprint from light objects, adding overprint on black objects
  • Optimization of internal document structure - a significant reduction of document complexity by merging scattered images and gradients
  • Flattening and removing layers and annotations

PuzzleFlow Contour comes with a wide range of optional processing modules, making it pretty customizable solution. Among a flexible functionality, the system architecture also allows to adjust computing power to the actual business needs. Thanks to a scalable architecture, PuzzleFlow Contour can be deployed in either small or large industries.

Comparison of PuzzleFlow Systems for Prepress

Workflow | Contour



Processing Workflow

Comes with a wide range of jobs processing modules, provides a comprehensive tool for automated jobs preparation. Contains predefined sets of tasks, allows designing own, specialized prepress workflows.

Orders Management

In PuzzleFlow systems with orders management, jobs from customers can be directly supplied via internet. A publication is not only a set of files. A database collects information about the customer, technological products specification, information about order statuses and their complete history. The system provides a mechanism for versioning supplied material, hierarchical approval, optional, advanced softproofing and an expanded layer of communication between the customer and the printhouse – automatical email notifications, on-line comments and annotiations for both the customer and the printhouse operators.


Extends orders management functionality with a specialized, integrated webshop (B2B and B2C), equipped with an automated preflight, approval, on-line payments and shipping. The system provides instant product price calculators, material and service costs registration, offering and invoicing subsystems as well as production tracking packaging support.