Boosts Profits on Your Publications

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The PuzzleFlow Fresco opens brand-new and highly profitable communication channel for a wide audience. The System is designed for printing and publishing houses of various profiles: traditional magazines, promotional publications, commercial printing, transactional documents. Everybody in the printing industry who wants to extend the assortment with extraordinary products and make a profit on a modern publishing business model would be interested in the System.

More Than Digital Publication

The Digital Publication, main PuzzleFlow Fresco product, is an interactive and attractive presentation of the publication content, together with structural and multimedia modules.

From technological point of view, the Digital Publication is a set of files ready to be served from any static files server. It uses modern HTML5 technology (no Flash).

Once created, the Digital Publication could easily be embedded in the content of any web page in numerous forms such as: main service element, advertisement, additional layer etc.

Open source of the publication guarantees a possibility of displaying its content in a separated form, for example as a personalized product catalogue or a subset of publication pages or their parts.

Marketing Tools

PuzzleFlow Fresco is not just another digital publication producer. Most of all, it is a set of tools that changes the digital publication into significant source of revenue.

Active and linked page areas combined with buttons and links in the content of the modules can generate a high traffic for which your business partners could be charged using Tradedoubler platform.

Multimedia embedded in the modules and out-of-the-box integration with ad servers provides an additional opportunity for promotion and further gains.

Key Benefits

More Readers

Using Internet network as main communication medium you may enlarge revenues on your print publications.

Less Paper

Significant reduction of cost of reaching a single reader with keeping the existing flow and creativity techniques.

New Opportunities

New ways of earning money on publications from digital subscribers and pay-per-click options and various options for product placement.

Integration Opportunities

Digital publications created by Fresco can be used by any emission system, embedded in multiple web pages in multiple forms and layouts.

The modularity of the System makes it extremely flexible and adaptable to any business model.

PuzzleFlow Fresco comes with out-of-the-box integration with the Tradedoubler platform – reliable and well-known billing system.

Statistical Module

The PuzzleFlow Fresco has a built-in statistical module for tracking the popularity of your publications and their parts. It is an excellent tool for optimization of the publication design and analyzing customer behavior schemas.

The statistical data is collected at multiple levels: from publication categories, through publications and their pages, up to single modules.

On each level not only total views amount is registered, but also a number of unique visitors and average time spent on reading particular elements.

Editorial – File Acquisition

An intuitive editorial module provides a full control over the publication creation process along with automation of selected activities.

The Publication could be composed of various documents by multiple users at the same moment. What is more, editorial module makes it able to create multiple variants of a single publication.

A built-in document check module (Preflight) creates an effective barrier against bad quality stuff.

Editorial – Modules Creation

The process of modules creation has been simplified as far as it can be.

With the hierarchical categorization of modules the module descriptions are structured and consists of options and short texts that are very easy to be put.

The hint system minimizes the necessity of repetitive actions. Whole passages of already created descriptions are ready to be re-used in different contexts, which make it able to produce a single well-described publication in several minutes.

Business Case – TransPromo

PuzzleFlow Fresco System could be a significant part of TransPromo process.

In such a scenario traditional transactional papers are supplemented with an additional reference to the promotional content. Thanks to an open format of Digital Publications the System is able to prepare a personalized landing page, compliant with the user profile retrieved from the database.

Through marketing mechanisms built into the Digital Publication a traditional cost center could easily be converted into highly profitable venture.


It is very important that the PuzzleFlow System converts printable PDF files automatically to the form we are able to embed in our website. In such a way, quickly, without mistakes and at a low cost we create a modern, interactive presentation in our portal. Beyond any doubts, it is innovative solution convenient for our readers and beneficial for business partners.

Norbert Kowalski
Head of