The Complete Solution for Commercial Printing

Cooperation • Preflight • Production

PuzzleFlow Mosaic is a comprehensive production system for printing enterprise aiming to service their key business partners via Internet. This highly specialized internet portal is delivered along with a complete pdf processing and production system.

Solution for Commercial Printing

PuzzleFlow Mosaic makes a cooperation with key clients a clear sailing.

The care of the key customer is accomplished through a specialized website with a printing house portfolio adjusted to the particular customer needs. Cost based price calculation combined with tailored offers constitutes an extremely powerful sales tool. The automated preflight system, soft-proofing module and collaboration tools create a comprehensive solution for supporting key clients in the area of commercial printing.

All of the customer-care features are supplemented with a professional production system. It consists of the CRM, production tracking, warehouse and shipment modules. The shipment support includes packing, delivery and tracking via UPS, DHL and FedEx systems.

Looking under the hood of the Mosaic, it is also an extensive pre-press solution. It offers an Automated PDF workflow controlled by product definition with advanced correction (PDF/X output), ICC based color conversions, spot color mapping and ink zones control via CIP3/PPF profiles, automatic and manual imposition and many more features.

Benefits for Your Business

Business Partner Service

Business-to-Business portal specialized in communication with key clients and management of their orders placed via Internet.


Professional customer care service with centralized database of orders, contacts, on-line payments and couriers. Business control with sales reports and analysis.


Robust e-Commerce module for on-line sales growth. Marketing tools such as loyalty programs, customer discounts, newsletters etc.


Full automation of conversion, correction and optimization processes performed on the material delivered to the print shop results in satisfying the restrictive PDF/X standard requirements.

Cost Reduction

Reduction of print shop resources use by verification of works performed by the customer before the material is forwarded for production. Human factor reduction at order acceptance and at preparing material for print processes.


Optimization of the amount of used material during print and proofing – by using ink-saving, job-ganging and soft-proofing systems.

Web-to-print Platform

An optional highly specialized e-commerce module has been carefully designed with attention to specific aspects of the print house portfolio. It includes sophisticated price calculation module and integrated documents acquisition service.

The on-line shop with modern graphic design is flexible and easy to customize for individual needs. There may be more than one front sites created in the system. Additional virtual shops may be used to offer particular products to selected groups of customers. It may differ in terms of product portfolio, price and look & feel.

The system is being equipped with a template editor, which allows to modify predefined graphic projects according to the user needs. Simple and intuitive user interface allows to create a great project within minutes.


PuzzleFlow Mosaic has been designed for automation and standardization of the print products production.

Pages delivered by the customer are automatically checked against the printing process requirements (preflight). Jobs that match the given criteria are accepted for further processing, automatically corrected and optimized without any human involvement.

More Efficiency…

The PuzzleFlow Mosaic is a powerful tool for expanding a customer base, mostly acquiring clients for standard works that may be combined at the production stage.

This means more comprehensive use of machines and staff, higher efficiency, increased quality control while cutting own costs. It does not require constant engagement of personnel and reduces the most time consuming activities to the minimum.

…at Every Step

Every stage of the production is automated including: order placement and payment, job acquisition and preflight, corrections and optimization, imposition (including job ganging), production tracking, shipment and finally price verification based on material and service costs.

File Conversion

Correction process may start with PDF creation out of other graphic file formats. Just after that the system applies any needed geometry corrections (scaling, rotating, bleeds adjustment) basing on the customer decisions.

One of the most crucial product parameters is media (paper) definition. That setting drives the whole color conversion process based on ICC profiles. Rich black and overprint issues are also checked and fixed if needed. The additional benefit is the ability to use the conversion tool to ink-coverage reduction to avoid heavy load of ink on the paper and reducing ink consumption.

PuzzleFlow Toolbox

In Mosaic there is no missing tool. Well known PDF engines include: transparency flattening, annotation removal, layers management, color mapping of spot colors, rich black and overprint correction, font to curves and many others. It is worth to mention that full vector based trapping tool is one of the system options, enabling quality improvement in with misplaced print forms. All tools are instantly available in the system and fully integrated.

Powerful Multipurpose Rendering

The rasterization process is applied for every page in the system converting it into color accurate bitmap. The rendering tool may emulate all well-known RIP behavior and applies all transparencies, overprints and spot colors defined in the PDF. The bitmap may be reused later for the production and the proofing.

Approval and Soft-Proofing

The approval process is a crucial link in the Business‑to‑Business collaboration chain. It's most important purpose is lowering the complaints rate.

In standard print house the only form of acceptance before print is expensive and time consuming proofing process. In such a scenario customer requests the hard proof to be printed and sent to him and then he accepts or rejects the order for printing.

For highly-automated systems like Mosaic, where every action is performed on-line, product approval becomes a single step of the whole purchase process. Mosaic supports simple one-click approval as well as the complete soft proofing process with color measurement and a page versions management.

High-End Tool - On Screen Proofing

The print house equipped with Mosaic is able to share the soft-proofing tools with their business partners. The need of hard proof printing could be eliminated entirely by using soft proofing system together with high quality calibrated display. Monitor calibrations are loaded into the system, then it creates an appropriate conversion to emulate paper surface and print process effects. The user has the possibility of scaling the preview, measure color values on the basis of the original file, and the preview of separation channels. The system gives also a possibility to display warning layers that informs where image goes beyond gamut, ink limit is crossed or the back page could shine through.


Once the job is approved, it goes to production. It may be imposed separately or be merged with similar jobs for media saving and offset printing optimization.

The Puzzleflow Imposition system includes a variety of tools allowing manual folding of documents as well as automatic imposition of repetitive publications. For most applications we suggest manual solutions, which proved to be successful in the production of leaflets, books or wrappings. When it comes to repetitive and cyclic productions (e.g. online greeting cards, photo books and photo gifts), automatic imposition appears to be an ideal tool. The automation eliminates human mistakes and provides efficiency incomparable with manual documents folding.

Job Ganging

The most comprehensive solution, available as an option to the system, is a job ganging engine that creates imposition sheets from different products (possibly of different formats), respecting their production parameters, such as quantities, paper type and weight, colors and varnishing, as well as available printing devices. Job ganging engine optimizes the waste of materials and the cost of technological operations such as the number of cuts. This mechanism is also integrated with factual costs registration mechanisms.

Production Control

In PuzzleFlow Mosaic products are identified by barcodes and job cards.

Due to this the job may be tracked on every production stage starting from plate preparation, through printing and finishing, up to order completion, packing and delivery. Scanning the barcode changes the status of the product, moving it to another production step. Thanks to that functionality, the operator can see what steps of production are producing delays and which have free resources.


Payments control and invoicing system allows to track the status of payments and print an invoice directly from web interface or send the invoice data to independent account management system.

Delivery Process

The system supports entire delivery process. Once the product is ready, it’s being packed. Package type and weight are registered. The process ends with address label and delivery notes preparation. Integration with local and international shipping service (i.e. UPS, DHL) is available and other may be added on demand.

Other Analytics

Sales analyses and reports from the production process may significantly support the management dashboard operations. In our solution we provide standard sales analyses and summary reports on the employees work time at the chosen stages of order processing and production.

Extending & Integration

In case of Mosaic there are many variants of possible information flow and interconnections to third-party systems.

The PuzzleFlow Mosaic can be integrated with business level applications like ERP or CRM that controls business and accounting processes as well as internal devices like proofers and print site workflows.

Meeting Industry Standards

The most obvious way to interchange production data is the use of well-known industry standard defined by CIP4 group: JDF/JMF, built-into all PuzzleFlow systems including Mosaic.

Comparison of PuzzleFlow Systems for Prepress

Workflow | Contour



Processing Workflow

Comes with a wide range of jobs processing modules, provides a comprehensive tool for automated jobs preparation. Contains predefined sets of tasks, allows designing own, specialized prepress workflows.

Orders Management

In PuzzleFlow systems with orders management, jobs from customers can be directly supplied via internet. A publication is not only a set of files. A database collects information about the customer, technological products specification, information about order statuses and their complete history. The system provides a mechanism for versioning supplied material, hierarchical approval, optional, advanced softproofing and an expanded layer of communication between the customer and the printhouse – automatical email notifications, on-line comments and annotiations for both the customer and the printhouse operators.


Extends orders management functionality with a specialized, integrated webshop (B2B and B2C), equipped with an automated preflight, approval, on-line payments and shipping. The system provides instant product price calculators, material and service costs registration, offering and invoicing subsystems as well as production tracking packaging support.