Automate your pre-press

Automate • Integrate • Speed up

PuzzleFlow Motif has been designed to handle most crucial prepress operations in automated way. Controlled by external management system and due to the built-in logic Motif takes care about file proceessing adjusted to product type and selected printing technique.

Systemic approach

Beside of the processing power, open architecture and connectivity are the main features of the system.

PuzzleFlow Motif can communicate with external systems (ie. MIS, eCommerce) in many different ways, but the JDF interface is the most comprehensive one. It allows to define orders and products, pass products parameters to the system and trigger preflight and correction. In response PuzzleFlow Motif exposes the preflight report in human and computer readable form as well as the preview of the refined pages.

Standarized file preparation process

Instant access to crucial information

Faster customer service

Shorter delivery time

Don't be surprised

Automated preflight allows to detect potencial threats at the very start of prepress file processing.

By comparing requested product parameters with the real ones from file system can easily decide if the file is OK or if needs to be replaced. Detailed preflight report gives instant information about the file status and can be used to drive adjustment process.

Make it better

PuzzleFlow Motif includes comprehensive PDF correction option. It can adjust page geometry, colors, optimize the document internal structure for further processing. It's enough to say it can produce PDF/X compatible documents.

Be specific

Beside of page corrections, PuzzleFlow Motif can perform more product specific tasks, tile, impose, place a barcode or other control data according to the received product specification

Integration and Developement Services

Not sure if PuzzleFlow Motif can work with your system? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Comparison of PuzzleFlow Systems for Prepress

Workflow | Contour



Processing Workflow

Comes with a wide range of jobs processing modules, provides a comprehensive tool for automated jobs preparation. Contains predefined sets of tasks, allows designing own, specialized prepress workflows.

Orders Management

In PuzzleFlow systems with orders management, jobs from customers can be directly supplied via internet. A publication is not only a set of files. A database collects information about the customer, technological products specification, information about order statuses and their complete history. The system provides a mechanism for versioning supplied material, hierarchical approval, optional, advanced softproofing and an expanded layer of communication between the customer and the printhouse – automatical email notifications, on-line comments and annotiations for both the customer and the printhouse operators.


Extends orders management functionality with a specialized, integrated webshop (B2B and B2C), equipped with an automated preflight, approval, on-line payments and shipping. The system provides instant product price calculators, material and service costs registration, offering and invoicing subsystems as well as production tracking packaging support.