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PuzzleFlow and Gannett make the front page of News & Tech Magazine!

PuzzleFlow Automator Gives Butterfly Wings

PuzzleFlow's ability to automate newspaper prepress - even the most complex of prepress functionality – was featured in the July/August, 2014 issue of News & Tech Magazine The article can be found on the front page of the July/August issue, entitled, Gannett workflow key in streamlining 'Butterfly'

As some background information, “Butterfly” is a Gannett project with the goal of increasing local content in the A sections of Gannett owned metropolitan papers by moving national and international content to internal sections that are customized USA Today (USAT) content. The trick, then, is to be able to customize the USA Today sections, mostly for advertising, but also the ability to have custom content, page by page, and city by city.

Creating different pages for different publications in different cities is something human layout artists can achieve easily enough – but it is time consuming, tedious, and expensive. Newspapers work on short deadlines and limited budgets. What would make the project feasible would be a way to automate the collection and placement of final content for the custom pages, and automate their delivery to the various final print locations...

Some highlights from the article can be found below, and a reprint of the entire article can be downloaded using this link: download reprint

From the article:

'All of our pages that go to all of our sites are processed through the same workflow and PuzzleFlow is a part of that,' Doug Arnold, Gannett’s operations manager for workflow and output told News & Tech. 'Standardizing all of the output has given us the ability to do it quickly. We created one workflow as opposed to 40 or 50 that we’d be dealing with if we weren’t in this standardized environment.'”
“... Arnold explained, … 'Base pages are automatically 'married' with the appropriate content, stitched into a single PDF page and distributed for final output and printing to each individual newspaper site....'”
'The predicament was to merge the two systems into one unified product and that’s where we came in,” said Richard Laframboise, operations manager for PuzzleFlow. “The complexity comes into play where we merge data from SPLS and Layout 8000, and merge regionalized content for all of the papers....”
Gannett originally installed PuzzleFlow in mid-2012. Prior to the platform, Gannett employed multiple apps and manual intervention to locate and place different stories and ads for the many variable pages in each of the dozens of regional versions of USAT.”

Download a reprint of the entire article using this link: download reprint

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