Warsaw, Poland and Novi, MI USA, October 2014

PuzzleFlow Media Technologies is formed for the Publishing industry!

A Joint Venture to Deliver Advanced Solutions For the Media Industry

Infosystems – a leading developer of integrated management solutions for printing, publishing and packaging industries (as owner of PuzzleFlow technology) and Digital 66 (a.k.a PuzzleFlow Solutions US)– a leading developer and integrator of software solutions in the North American market, have established a new joint venture: PuzzleFlow Media Technologies (PMT) group. PuzzleFlow Media Technologies will enhance the worldwide presence and leadership of both companies in the global media market, with numerous benefits for their customers. Due to establishing the joint venture, Infosystems SA company has authorized Digital 66 to use the PuzzleFlow name and trademark for commercial purposes in the normal course of selling, distributing and licensing PuzzleFlow-based solutions.

The combined resources of PuzzleFlow Media Technologies group provide a highly efficient, enterprise class, publishing production software suite that is dynamic, integrated, and scalable to meet today's publishing industry demands and tomorrow's growth and flexibility needs.

Richard Laframboise, Managing Partner of PFS states: “Our innovative, automated solutions are eliminating costly barriers to production efficiency and quality in the media marketplace. We treat our customers as long-term partners, which enables us to develop production software based on real world industry requirements and functionality”.

Richard Laframboise ­­­­­­­­­­­and Swapan Chaudhuri, VP of Sales & Marketing for Infosystems, will be the leaders of the PMT Group, insuring symmetry in delivery of products and services across the globe. The joint venture, established in October, 2014 will focus on continual product growth and enhancement of solutions devoted to the publishing industry. PMT’s detailed action plan presents short and long term targets for product development, sales, and marketing.

The PuzzleFlow Media Technologies group software suite currently consists of: PuzzleFlow Publisher, PuzzleFlow Automator, and WebPairer, each in three versions (Lite, Pro and Enterprise), as well as PuzzleFlow ColorSaver for newspaper and commercial printing. Additions to the suite are being developed, and all these solutions are under continuous development and improvement, based on the feedback of users, partners and our ongoing assessment of media market needs.

Mariusz Sosnowski, President of Infosystems SA, comments: “We are excited to be a leader in the media market by supporting our customers, delivering efficient and competitive solutions which reduce their operating costs. I’m convinced that the experience of every team member and the product suite will be the foundation of future success for us and our customers”.

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