Warsaw, Poland and Novi, MI USA, Sptember 2015

Termination of PuzzleFlow Media Technologies joint venture agreement

The joint venture agreement between INFOSYSTEMS SA and Digital 66 LLC managed by Richard Lamframboise was dissolved at the end of Q3 2015. INFOSYSTEMS started to coordinate directly its commercial activities on creating the strength and the brand development of PuzzleFlow in the United States.

Mariusz Sosnowski, INFOSYSTEMS' CEO said:

We decided to make a major change in our operations on the US market: INFOSYSTEMS will do the business in this market and communicate its offer to US firms directly through its own structures and stuff who will also implement and maintain the PuzzleFlow software.

This step opened the next stage of presence of INFOSYSTEMS on the US market and more direct level of partnership and service care expected by its customers.