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Page Selection • Template • Layout

Organizer is an application for automated PDF imposition. It may work as an independent, standalone application, or as a client station, connected to a centralized production system like Motif or Mosaic .

Imposition for Professionals

PuzzleFlow Organizer is a mature and proven solution for automatic imposition of leaflets, books, magazines, brochures and other publications. PuzzleFlow Organizer works with PDF documents (composite or pre-separated), PJTF job tickets, as well as bitmap images. PuzzleFlow Organizer comes with an intuitive interface for input documents preprocessing, a convenient imposition signatures creator and interactive imposition layout preview. The output data can be saved as PDF, PJTF and JDF formats, saved on a disk or send directly to a centralized production system server. Among advanced imposition, PuzzleFlow Organizer also provides documents resources and content check, optional ICC profiles based color management and advanced vector trapping

Business Benefits

Time Reduction

Dynamic imposition templates allows to reuse them for similar jobs. When new layout is needed it can be based on the library template or created with easy to use Wizard in just few steps.

Less Errors

Instant preview with page geometry markers and layer toggling allows to check output layout before it's saved to file or submitted for further processing.

Easy Output

Imposition layout can be saved in various formats or directly submitted to the order management system in just few clicks.

Files Verification & Preparation

PuzzleFlow Organizer automatically loads input documents, verifies page geometry correctness, lists all used fonts, images and embedded ICC profiles.

The imposition process usually starts with input documents preparation. PuzzleFlow Organizer comes with an intuitive interface for changing input pages order and adjusting their geometry and orientation. One of those features that are not available in competitive solutions is a native support for pre-separated PDF documents, that can be used as an input, as well as a composite data.

Signature Creation

Imposition signatures are created with an easy step-by-step wizard, that proposes typical imposition layouts and folding schemes, as well as predefined imposition markers.

Signatures can be saved as external resources for future reuse. In opposite to solutions from other vendors, signatures from PuzzleFlow Organizer are not tightly bound to a specified page, paper and plate formats, which makes them pretty reusable.

Output Setup and Save

PuzzleFlow Organizer produces ready-to-print PDF documents. It allows to specify lots of parameters that can be used by rasterizer.

PuzzleFlow Organizer gives a control over output colorants, raster angles and frequencies. The output can be saved as PDF, with an option to save the entire publication or just a single imposition sheet. If PuzzleFlow Organizer is a part of PuzzleFlow production system, the imposition layout can be also exported as JDF to a remote server, which generates the final imposition sheet, without a need to transmit a large data content through a network.

Do You Want More?

By default Organizer is delivered as a Single seat solution but it’s also available as a Client for server solutions like Motif or Mosaic. It may be also delivered with a floating license what will let you use it on many computers or even work from your home office.