Automated file processing system for Large Format Printing.

Large Format • Intelligent preflight

The PuzzleFlow Panorama is a dedicated for Large Format Printing (LFP) order management and file processing system.

Systemic approach

The core of the system is an intelligent preflight which allows early detection of the potencial problems caused by wrong file preparation.

The correctness of the graphic material is being verified in the context of defined product parameters. Input files can be checked for a page geometry issues, image quality, used color spaces, fonts and internal document structure correctness. System also has an ability to perform product specific tasks like tiling big images into parts suitable for selected device with all necessary overlaps and marking.

Standarized file preparation process

Increased effectivness due the automation

Less errors due the reduced human factor

System Extensions

Basic version of the PuzzleFlow Panorama can be extended with additional modules to match even more sophisticated requirements.

Template based products

With this extension PuzzleFlow Panorama becomes an universal automated solution for file preparation for template based products with non-regular shape. Image can be masked, placed in the template defined shapes, imposed. Everything what’s needed for complex LFP production.


PuzzleFlow systems by default have a scalable open architecture. Basic set of Panorama’s correction modules can be extended with additional tools, which will help to prepare file according to your requirement and save them in the form acceptable even by old fashion RIP. More information about correction tools available can be found in PuzzleFlow Workflow section.

Ink Saving

Due the large format, ink consumption becomes one of the crucial cost sources. With InkSaving extension you can optimize it. System performs necessary calculation and presents results in easy and intuitive form with charts and visual input-output comparison.

Media Optimization

Designed for large format inkjet roll printing job ganging system allows to collect similar jobs and to print them together avoiding gaps and increasing media utilization. Job parameters, order priorities and device/media capability – everything under control.