Editorial Publishing with Prepress & Collaboration

Planning • Production • Collaboration

PuzzleFlow Publisher supports every aspect of the publishing process: from production planning and content scheduling, through verification, conversion and print site delivery. It also includes ad booking and processing, soft proofing capabilities, team collaboration tools and digital editions.

Solutions for Publishers

Publisher includes a complete set of PuzzleFlow tools and a customizable PDF workflow designed to encompass the needs the publisher while making sure files are ready for the printer.

Publisher supports each editorial team, simplifies and validates the work of the designers, provides tools for early detection of any mistakes, and allows every user to focus on their individual tasks, while having an overview of overall progress is desired.

Publisher's planning option, live flat plan, page approval, accurate previews and communication tools, provide a unique venue for team collaboration and even allow for communication with external customers, ad agencies and other external entities integral to the publishing and production process.

Publication Development Under Control

From the perspective of the Editor in Chief or the production manager perspective Publisher enables control over the whole process. It includes the key issues such as: timely delivery of pages and advertisements for publishing, notification on exceeding or on approaching deadlines for sending, materials completeness, proper files conversion results as well as ensuring that the print shop receives undamaged files.

The system supports an advanced model of authorizations allowing for simultaneous printing, control and delivery in the whole publishing house, taking into account confidentiality of data critical for business.

Business Benefits

Time Reduction

Automates incoming and outgoing file verification, standardizes delivery of files to print suppliers, process integration from file accusation, through DTP to final file distribution.


Simplifies preparation of individual page and advertisement documents, allowing production staff to focus on content rather than technical issues.


Centralizes internal communication between teams and external communication with suppliers allowing for the smooth exchange of information and approval while providing full monitoring of the preparation process and specific task responsibilities.

Cost Reduction

Reduces print production costs and maintains or improves quality through proper ink optimization, total area coverage analysis, tools for digital trapping, and consistant and correct PDF files.


Reduction or elimination of physical proofing costs – by optimizing or total eliminating hard-proofing using color calibrated soft-proofing.


The planning system can reduce costs resulting from separate planning standards from publication to publication making it easier to follow production progress and monitor ongoing status and meet the publishing deadlines and budget requirements.

Production Planning

Publisher's focus is on planning and work execution, essential coordination that is crucial to making deadlines.

Production Plan

We understand that information plays a major roll in production: a minute of delay here can snowball into a tight or missed deadline. Publisher keeps the production manager informed of every aspect of production so they can use their experience to overcome challenges and meet deadlines with a quality product.

Configurable notifications allow you to make sure all necessary production personnel are informed if a deadline is dangerously, close, or missed, when production is approved (ad-by-ad and page-by-page) and when files are released for printing/publication.

Digital Flat Plan

The flat plan is a single view, complete representation of the assignments and status of both editorial content and ad space. Colors reflects status and type and give a quick overview of progress. The flat plan can be accessed through the browser based interface, or printed, should a hard copy be required. Each change in the plan is kept in the history, and can be reviewed and even restored at any time.


The Publisher system is PDF based for flexibility and compatibility today and to support future developments in page description and publication technology. Its powerful PDF library lets Publisher perform extensive tests on each file - early in the process, and a matter of seconds - to make sure they are technically correct and ready for print and e-production.

PDF files are verified in the pre-delivery stage and presented to the production staff with an easy to read instant feedback report. Over 150 test can be applied in seconds, and preflighting can be adapted to the publication and print suppliers preferences. Additional preflighting elminates random mistakes that can happen when a page or ad does not conform to planned content (size, colors, ad present, etc.). We call this 'logical preflight' and its results are presented on the designer screen when PDF are submitted to the system.

Universal Working Files

Conversion to universal PDf working files allows documents to become print-ready PDFs, or e-publishing ready PDFs. "Single input - multiple output" becomes a reality.

The Publisher system knows that proper color conversion is essential to high quality, accurate reproduction of the page, and it is different for physical reproduction and electronic publishing. Both standards-based and full customer calibrated color management options are available to meet this quality requirement.

A complete PDF library ensures proper final file creation: proper transparency flattening, color mapping, rich black and overprint correction, full vector based trapping and PDF/X workflow for high end standardization are built in.

Hard and Soft Proofing

Your choice made simple with quick and accurate proofing options.

Proofing in one click: print selected pages on any proofer. All information about device configuration and callibration is passed to the printer, so there is no need to adjust them manually for every work station or proof.

The option to bypass hard proofing and use a calibrated display for accurate soft-proofs. Publisher offers on screen proofing with store calibration color conversion to achieve color accuracy through an HTML5 browser. A soft-proofing system that can be used remotely from any location.

Team Collaboration

Editors, graphic designers, photo-editors, production specialists, printers... Publisher is designed to provide streamlined communications and a clear understanding of assignments.

Users can be assigned to the groups that reflect organizational structure, assignments, specialities, etc. Groups and accounts control access to areas of data associated with each production. Since Publisher is accessed through a web browser, users can access information, add notes, approve files, do anything and everything they need from any location with any browser capable device.

Ads Handling

From planning to approval, under control.

Publisher's unique ad stitching feature allows a new level of freedom to the interdependent editorial and advertising teams. By managing ad placement, making sure ads and plans match and technical issues are checked, both teams can be autonomous, even having separate deadlines, since all parts can come together in seconds upon final approval.

Print Site Delivery

Print suppliers can often benefit from PDF files tailored to meet their production needs. Publisher makes it possible to supply files in exactly the proper configuration.

Publisher adapts output files to print suppliers requirements smoothly, conforming output files to PDF standards, file naming conventions on-the-fly as final files are created - based on universal internal PDF structure and regardless of the internal naming convention.

Final file delivery to print suppliers can be configured through FTP or integration with a cloud storage provider. Additional protection and check sum validation can be used to insure successful file transfers.

Digital Editions Support

Publisher's workflow based on universal PDF files at its base, easily supports the creation of files for digital editions.

From its universal PDF files, Publisher provides a range of output options in PDF and bitmap formats usable for e-editions or by external conversion tools to proprietary formats. The internal separation of ads and editorial facilitates the use of files for interactive versions.


Modern systems do not work in disconnection to the other software. Publisher offers many variants of possible information flow.

Publisher is designed with integration options for business applications like ERP or CRM systems, internal devices like proofers, and print-site workflows. For instance, Publisher can communicate with front-end systems and data can be shared with ERP systems to eliminate manual reentering. Output devices like proofers and printer can be connected using JDF. Publisher can also cooperate with printing workflows like PuzzleFlow WebPairer , Automator , or other third party workflows.

Options Version and Features

Option or Feature Basic Professional Enterprise
Base Production

Preflighting and verification that pages conform to production parameters and planning requirements for each title and issue; standard correction for PDF documents; page approval and team collaboration tools; proofer integration; print site delivery through FTP; notification subsystem; page export options; full-page ads support with separate workflow.

Publication Planning (Flat Plan)

Digital flat plan with dedicated blocks for editorial content, ads, and images; support for editorial team permissions and notifications.

Advanced PDF/X Workflow

PDF/X and GWG workflow options; Page delivery for print sites that require standardized files;

PDF Trapping

Full vector PDF trapping

Digital Editions Support

Dedicated export workflow that creates a publication structure, pages and ads with the correct parameters for publication of digital editions.

Ads Stitching

Exclusive to Publisher, creation of ad placeholders (proxies); enabling ad stitching workflow that allows for preflight checking and correction of pages and ads separately. Ads and ad proxies are verified and "stitched" when approved; the approval process for pages and ads can be independent of each other, and late ads delivery is less disruptive.

Soft Proofing

Full digital on screen approval with color accuracy is available and can replace a classic ink-jet proofing system if desired; Note: digital proofing requires an approval station that is equipped with a high-end display with ICC-based measurement and calibration;

The above list is an example of system implementation. Use of each option on each client system is subject to individual agreements, based on pre-implementation analysis.

Testimonials of Our Customers

Bauer Media Poland

Because of all its features, Publisher is the only system we could find with an environment that integrated support for publishing processes and procedures for the publisher while quietly and automatically addressing the needs of our print suppliers. For this reason, implementation of the Publisher system radically improved, not only our internal processes and procedures, but the quality and accuracy of the PDF files we deliver for printing. It reduced costs and improved deadlines.

Production Team
Bauer Polska

Ready4print Netherlands

A major advantage [of Publisher] is that everybody can look at actual production data. Are all advertisements delivered and correctly? Are all pages ready, with the correct content? Will they print, as expected? Plus, there is no longer a need to move files around. Everything is managed in one system, and you need only look at one interface to see the progress of the magazine.

Toon de Munnik,
Director Ready4print