Advanced approval with softproofing and collaboration.

SoftProofing • Approval • Collaboration

The PuzzleFlow SoftProof is an advanced remote approval solution for Printhouses, Graphics and Designers. It enables content proof as well as fully featured color proof with all necessary measurments. It also simplifies communication with the customer. Everything to reduce time and costs related to the approval process.

How it works?

Soft proofing is a mechanism that allows you to view on your computer monitor what your print will look like when it is on paper. A specific paper. That paper and ink combination is defined by the colour profile, the same way your screen's parameters are. Once you upload your screen's colour profile, the images SoftProof presents for you will be produced accordig to the colour definition from your screen's profile in combination with output profile.

Beside of the true colour presentation, SoftProof simplifies the communication process between customer and the printer or if you want between publisher and graphic designer. It'a a single tool for many applications.

More details below.

Same tool for Internal and External proofing

Cost saving on hard proof devices, resources and transportation

Instant communication

True color reproduction

Nobody wants to be surprised with poor print quality and unplanned colour change. It's important to know the real colours before releasing material for print, that's why you should see what you will get. With SoftProof it's easy.

  • Reproduce colors for any device.
  • Include characteristics of paper on which product will be printed.
  • Easy ink usage measurement.
  • CMYK color separations preview.

Automatic problems detection

Screen has no paper's limitations, that's why not every project is perfect for printing. SoftProof helps to detect some of most common problems

  • Total Ink Coverage
  • Device Gamut
  • Backside translucent simulation
  • Highlights, Shadows

Collaboration with clients

Getting customer's approval sometimes takes a lot of time, especially if some corrections are required. Proof need to be prepared, delivered to the customer then you need to get a feedback and again, and again.

With remote proofing the time to reach customer and get it's approval has been minimized. You can work on the publication on the same time, SoftProof has been equipped with all necessary tools

  • Dynamic annotations
  • Live Chat
  • Automatic email notifications

Easy access, Available 24/7

Save time and money

  • Online solution
  • Accessible for any device (HTML5)
  • Digital booklet preview