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the best insurance against
make-good credits and reruns…

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Hundreds of newspapers and periodicals
are produced, every day – by companies including the fastest growing U.S. daily (the Villages
Daily Sun), and “The Nation’s Newspaper” (USA Today) – using PuzzleFlow Automator
to insure production quality and efficiency.

Automate the majority of front-end tasks
stop shaking your head every time you see someone working on something you know can be
automated by a computer!

Correct file errors and reduce human mistakes
hairlines, transparency, 4 color black, wrong color space, wrong margins, incorrect page and
ad sizes, too much TAC (Total Area Coverage – over inking), all fixed, automatically.

Outsource your printing with confidence
be sure your pages are ready to be printed. No more surprises at deadline!


If you publish or print newspapers, PuzzleFlow Automator was built from the ground up to meet your needs. PuzzleFlow Automator will validate your incoming files, correct them for common prepress issues, notify you about the problems, auto-resize incoming ads and documents based on intelligent algorithms and dynamic parameters, and automate archiving and purging of your files. Whether you create your ads and pages in-house, or get them from diverse sources, have your own press, or outsource your printing, PuzzleFlow Automator is the digital front-end you need to stay ahead.

Can’t keep up with “problem” files? Operators spending all their time fixing prepress errors? Trying to figure out how to do more work with the fewer resources? Perhaps you want to expand but can’t afford to hire. PuzzleFlow has many success stories from printers and publishers who made the move to Intelligent Automation using PuzzleFlow Automator.

Integrated Ad Pre-Processing:

Why Integrated Ad Pre-Processing? because it will save time and money while eliminating errors – like incorrect ad sizes, colors and content – and link your front office ad management (tracking and booking) systems to your prepress and production systems so data is shared and problems, errors and miscommunication are avoided.

While Integrated Ad Pre-Processing includes rigorous preflighting, auto-correction of prepress errors like hairlines and 4 color blacks, and placement file creation and hi-res insertion into pages to insure proper handling of things like transparency and color management, it goes beyond these obvious ad pre-precessing goals.

PuzzleFlow Integrated Ad Pre-Processing creates a database link to your existing front office ad-booking and ad-tracking system. As soon as an ad is entered into the front office system, PuzzleFlow Automator knows the size the ad is supposed to be, the colors it is supposed to use, the dates the ad will run, the sales person, the advertiser, etc.

When the physical ad file is added to the system, Automator’s Integrated Ad Pre-Processing will check to make sure it is the right size, contains the right colors and passes preflight. If it fails, the proper people will be automatically notified, or, depending on parameters you set, the ad can be auto-resized, put into the proper colors, and otherwise readied for output with little or no human intervention.

By sharing data between the prepress/production systems and your front office ad booking/tracking systems, Integrated Ad Pre-Processing not only creates efficiencies, but means less human interaction with incoming ad files and fewer incorrect ads making there way into your publications. Also, when the system identifies a truly “bad” ad, your people know early and will have time to work on it. Above all, correct ads means not comping an advertiser because an incorrect ad made it into print. Once your operators are no longer spending their time fixing the ads that Automator automatically takes care of, that time can be better spent working on revenue enhancing projects.

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Key Features:

Fully automated processes

prepress fixes • color management • color remapping • color conversion • problem notification • activity logging • ad and page proofing • export of all needed file types • file renaming, copying, converting, FTPing, e-mailing, archiving, purging • e-mail notification • PDFx file generation • PDF file certification • and much more.

Correction and optimization

Automatic Fixing of: overprints, knockouts, hairlines, 4 color (RGB) black, transparency, missing fonts, incorrect color space, fragmented images, wrong page/file size, spot color issues, separated PDF files, uncentered pages, etc.

Ability to: convert fonts to curves, split spreads, double-burn, recombine separations, separate composites, remove crop marks, and more.


Automatic preflight with pinpoint notification of problem areas gives you complete information about your document. All technical errors and warnings are clearly reported. Over 150 certified preflight checks (Ghent PDF Workgroup – GWG v4 compliant) make sure that the information you received is complete and correct.

To see GWG compliant Preflight checks click here.

Page geometry verification

PuzzleFlow Automator allows for automatic size verification of ads and pages and provides rules-based ability to auto-fix wrong sized ads and pages based on your specific job and publication needs.

Multi-formats support

Automator accepts PostScript, PDF, EPS, XPS, TIF and JPG as input formats and allows for automatic output generation and distribution of all needed file formats for production, web publishing, archiving and other purposes (PDF, EPS, TIF, JPG, GIF, PNG, etc.)

Color Management

A built-in CMS (Color Management System) makes sure that correct color is produced. Advanced algorithms are based on ICC industry color management standards.


Layered PDF Preflight Reports

Pinpoint preflight warnings and errors! The PuzzleFlow layered PDF preflight report lets you isolate individual warnings, errors and other preflighted items and visually isolate each to identify specific issues with a preflighted file and the exact items affected.

“Mouse Over” the graphic to the left for an illustration of how layered PDF reports work.

Optional Items:

Automated Page Pairing

Automated page pairing system built around PuzzleFlow’s own native PDF processing engine…

To learn more about automatic page pairing see:
PuzzleFlow WebPairer

Ink Optimization

Automated ink optimization software that can reduce your use of CMY inks (or toner) by 20% or more. Producing significant cost savings, while actually improving quality and printability.

To learn more about ink optimization see:
PuzzleFlow ColorSaver

Integrates with ad booking & tracking systems

Automator can use information directly from your ad booking and ad tracking system to automatically verify (and correct) ad size and ad colors and to notify you when incoming ads do not meet the criteria specified in your order information.

CIP3/4 Ink-key presetting

The CIP3 Addition lets you generate CIP3/CIP4 ink profiles in PPF and DIPS formats to auto set ink keys at press. Fully integrated and configurable from the unified web interface.

Trapping (Spreads / chokes)

Optional automatic trapping can compensate for misregistration on the printing press. Advanced trapping parameters for text, vectors and bitmaps can be defined.

Technical Support

Ongoing professional support includes all major and minor updates, phone, e-mail and remote support… 24/7 support is available

To learn more about PuzzleFlow Support see:
Support, Download and Help


“The Puzzleflow automation, and PDF engine is a one stop do it all piece of software. Workflow, ink optimizers, sizing, and file transfer protocol automation that will take your prepress department to a whole new efficient level. Absolutely amazing what this company is capable of doing.”

Mike Grudgings
Output Control Specialist, Gannett

“I’ve gotten praises so far with how easy it is to use and understand. I also like that we can schedule nightly uploads of PDFs and JPG’s to our website, Newseum, etc.. Training was very easy, the software only required a couple hours of training for end users. We’re a full PDF workflow now and we can send good, optimized PDF’s to our remote press shop and printers. I was really impressed with how they had no problem making the system work with our 12 year old classified system.”

Brian Burbank
Systems Manager, The Pocono Record

“…You guys are the most professional and efficient tech staff that we have in support of our operation.”

Bruce Banks
Technologies Coordinator, The Adrian Daily Telegram

“The Puzzleflow Automator system greatly reduces the time we spend on mundane, repetitious tasks which enables us to spend more time designing ads. I never realized how much time we spent on the average day, processing pick-up ads, waiting for jobs to be processed by the printer and emailing ad proofs until we started using the system. The PuzzleFlow system makes our day go much smoother, I wouldn’t give it up for the world”

Holly Pelliccione
Design Department, Daily American

“We were given the order to shut down our in-house printing and it would be sent out to the Baltimore Sun. Puzzleflow Automator made the transition smooth and painless. After 4 days of on-site installation and training, we were ready for the move. We have seen our prepress department go from 10 to 4 people with the automation we have gotten from the product. We continue to find new features with every maintenance upgrade performed. It’s especially rewarding to see our own suggestions for improvements get implemented into the product.”

Dan Hiniker
Prepress Manager, The Washington Times


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