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PuzzleFlow ColorSaver is automated ink optimization software that will reduce your use of CMY inks (or toner) by 20% or more, while improving printability and quality…

Key Features…
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Cost savings
even for small organizations!

A more stable gray axis
providing better press stability, superior color representation, more press control,
easier repeatability, and reduced make-ready time!

Faster ink drying time
resulting in improvements in run performance, printing speed and finishing time!

Reduced total ink coverage with less print-through
resulting in the ability to print on lower weight paper, providing significant savings
in paper & postal costs!

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PuzzleFlow ColorSaver is automated ink optimization software that can reduce your use of CMY inks (or toner) by 20% or more. This can represent significant cost savings. However, PuzzleFlow ColorSaver goes beyond saving you money, it can actually improve the quality of your printed work.

Advanced algorithms (not just deivice link GCR) are used to analyze every item on the page and apply dynamic GCR, UCR and variable rendering intents to insure that the most CMY ink is saved, pure grays are not modified, color gamut is not restricted, two and three color traps are protected, and colorimetric results are identical to pre-ColorSaver color. Giving you a more stable gray axis, better press stability, superior color representation and easier press control.

Key Features:

Automation and intuitiveness

The entire process is performed automatically. Simplicity and intuitiveness means no advanced skills are require. Save not only ink but also time and human resources with PuzzleFlow ColorSaver!


Compatibility means problem free integration with any prepress workflow or RIP systems, and the ability to integrate custom ICC profiles.


Advanced algorithms using dynamic GCR/UCR, and variable rendering intents while examining and optimizing every color item individually, means identical colorimetric results to the original.

Full color gamut

PuzzleFlow ColorSaver uses industry standards from ISO, SNAP, GRACoL and SWOP – or your custom ICC color profiles – to produce identical colorimetric results to un-InkSaved files, there are no changes or restrictions in the color gamut.

Protected attributes and effects

ColorSaver’s built in PDF library means that spot colors, pure grays, overprints, trapping and transparency effects are preserved. And, special colors can be “protected” from any ink optimization.

Color Management

A built-in CMS (Color Management System) makes sure that correct colors are produced. The very latest in color management, industry standards, color profiling, and the PDF language all work together to go beyond the GCR/UCR of the past.

How does it work?

Roughly equal amounts of CMY in a color create its “gray component.” Replacing some of this with a percentage of black ink improves printability and saves on CMY ink. “Traditional” GCR uses a static formula to calculate ink optimization. ColorSaver uses a dynamic ICC color management based UCR/GCR algorithm to determine just the right separation for ideal ink optimization and colorimetric accuracy. The example below is for a SNAP standard press. For more detail on how it works, see our Ink Optimization White Paper and the Ink Optimization article on the PuzzleFlow Blog.

Ink optimization illustrated:

Before and after ink optimization comparison of separation:


“I haven’t been tracking ink usage in any formal way since we installed PuzzleFlow ColorSaver, however, I can tell you that we purchase our ink in bulk and keep it in totes. Before putting in ColorSaver a color ink tote, like Cyan or Magenta, would last for two and a half months – about 75 days. Now, with ColorSaver, they last for three months or more. I know that we have had three separate totes last for 99 days each.”

“There is less ink mist in the air, less ink on the side frames and a lot less set-off! I have never been a believer in ink optimization, but now we can keep the ink keys up, so solids look good and graphics aren’t washed out. Like I said, I have never been a believer in ink optimization, but now I am – there have been no problems and many benefits.

Jay Brown
Press Manager, TPC Web Printing

PuzzleFlow ColorSaver wins in controlling the TAC, and also seemed to maintain the subtle textures in dark areas the best. (For example, a black pinstripe suit lost its pinstripes and became a flat black when processed by a competitors system, but maintained the pinstripes in PuzzleFlow.)”

“Since installing ColorSaver, TAC is just not an issue. Especially with commercial customers and ads coming from agencies, this is extremely helpful. We can still give customers and advertisers tips on how to get the most out of their photos through improved toning practices, but we’re focusing on tonal range and sharpness rather than just trying to avoid major setoff. And we’re not dealing with the side effects of poor toning on press.”

ColorSaver allows us to use an industry-standard SNAP 220 ICC profile as our basis for color management. This is important because we have a KBA press, a DGM color tower, and a Goss Community press in the mix. We don’t have to treat pages differently based on where they’ll be printed and last-minute changes are not a cause for concern.

“We have some minitab products that suffered from tremendous amounts of setoff prior to ColorSaver. The products looked dirty, and there was little we could do about it as hard as we tried to help them improve their toning practices. One was notorious for large-format, magazine-like photos that just had rich blacks, dark reds, and ink coverage off the charts. These products print clean with ColorSaver, and it saves real pain in production as well as alleviating client concerns. It’s a win-win.”

J. Greg Davenport
Prepress Manager, The Herald-Times

“We were just talking about the system in a management meeting this morning. While we expected to realize some ink savings, everyone was commenting on the improved quality. We are really happy with the quality – it has definitely improved our printing. Also, there is less offsetting, and less ink buildup on the equipment. Our commercial customers have noticed too. They don’t know why, but they know things look better. One large customer in particular mentioned that the color pictures are not as muddy and sharper. It is great when a customer, who is already happy, can see improvement and be even happier with your product.”

Karen Fioretti
Systems and Prepress Manager at the Post Register

“PuzzleFlow ColorSaver has been installed here at the State Journal Register for several months now. When my prepress department first approached me for permission to test your product I was apprehensive. I was concerned that although there could be some potential ink savings, the overall picture quality would suffer. Not only have we realized a 20-30% reduction in color ink consumption, but the quality of our photos has greatly improved. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone.

Mike Kreppert
General Manager, The State Journal Register

I’m sure we are saving significantly on ink usage and ink cost, but it is the quality and improvements on press that I noticed. Using less ink means we are using significantly less water on press, this shortens make-ready and improves registration. The images are sharper, just better looking than without PuzzleFlow ColorSaver. Also, on quarter-fold jobs, we used to get a lot of ink transfer, you know set-off. We didn’t expect it, but PuzzleFlow ColorSaver also has improved our ink transfer problems with quarter-fold jobs.”

Stacey Brown
Production Manager, The Bedford Times-Mail


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