PuzzleFlow WebToPrint

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PuzzleFlow™ WebToPrint is fully automated production system providing on-line ordering,
preflight, complete prepress preparation and remote approval.

  • Job supply
    • On-line job supply
    • Integrated webshop
    • Direct print from design application
    • ISO compliant preflight on customer side
    • Win and Mac clients
    • Visible, layered preflight reports
  • Job preparation
    • Centralized orders processing management
    • Web interface with unlimited number of users
    • Remote access for operators and customers
    • Automated job correction and optmization
    • High-quality colour management adjusted to product paper
    • Spot colors handling
    • Transparency flattening
    • Overprint fixing
    • Font to curves conversion
    • Images adjustment
    • PDF/X compliant output
  • Imposition
    • JDF standard in use
    • Automated page geometry adjustment
    • Automated montage on the base of printing devices definitions
    • Last minute modifications
    • Paper surface optimization
    • Markers and colorbars auto-adjustment
  • Approval
    • Hierarchical acceptance
    • Per-page versioning
    • Product proof for customers
    • Imposition proof for operators
    • Clean responsibility rules
    • E-mail notifications
  • Back Office
    • Production tracking
    • Warehouse module
    • Materials and services costs management
    • Packaging and shipping service
  • Integration and connectivity
    • JDF/JMF channel
    • Open standards in use
    • Extensible, modular architecture
    • Customizable layout and functionality


PuzzleFlow™ WebToPrint is a fully automated and integrated system for printers. With advanced management features as well as extensive correction tools, WebToPrint automates the entire production process (job aquisition, preflight, correction, imposition, proofing, approval and much more). WebToPrint has been specially developed for printers who want to achieve the best quality, in the most efficient way, and at the lowest cost.

When you start using Puzzleflow WebToPrint, you don’t need to be worried about the most common prepress problems anymore! Puzzleflow WebToPrint will produce high quality ready for print files for any kind of output device just by answering a few basic questions. You only need to know what kind of product and type of finishing is required, and you are ready to go!

Key Features

Online Order Management

100% web-based client interface means quick and problem free job definition through any web browser (WebToPrint). Complex applications, license restrictions, and user limitations are not an issue with WebToPrint! Coherent and concise forms make sure that communication between you and your clients is clear and accurate. Additional features can provide for online job monitoring by the client.

Integrated imposition

  • Automated page geometry correction (you can adjust page size, bleed, cropping, and page shifts with independent settings for odd, even and individual pages.)
  • automated imposition for many and varied production types
  • Manual modifications when necessary
  • Medium optimization
  • Complete control over print marks (a wide range of predefined marks and labels, and support for user defined custom marks)

Automated correction and optimization

This fully automated system is:

  • Based on ICC profiles color conversion
  • Provides control over spot colors (CMYK conversion, re-mapping)
  • Auto-corrects incorrect overprint, rich/pure black, hairlines, transparency effects
  • Can apply Font to curves conversion
  • can be expanded with optional modules here.

Marketing and Corporate Identity

The WebToPrint interface is customizable and can be adjusted to match your company’s brand or the look and feel of your company’s web page .


Automatic preflight with pinpoint notification of problem areas gives you complete information about your document. All technical errors and warnings are clearly reported (See details…). Over 150 certified preflight checks (Ghent PDF Workgroup – GWG v4 compliant) make sure that the information you received is complete and correct.

To learn more about PuzzleFlow Preflight test click here.

Result preview and approval

WebToPrint also provides a booked preview of the imposed job. It is very helpful for checking that the output will be accurate and approve the ‘digital ozalid’.