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PuzzleFlow Publisher is an on-line job management and prepress
workflow for publishing companies. It covers the majority of front-end
tasks from planning through to files creation and submission…

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Organize and manage the entire process
– from planning to final output!

Effective time management, quality control,
and clear team communication!

Publish for various media from one, base document!

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Full-featured and including PuzzleFlow tools, Publisher has been designed for editorial work based on PDF workflow. Facilitating the work of the editorial team, clarifying and verifying the work of graphic designers. File submission is easy and allows for the detection of errors at an early stage. Each user can focus on his or her tasks, while having an overview of the entire process. With extensive tools and features, Publisher integrates the work of the entire publication including that of external customers.

From the view point of the editor-in-chief or the production manager, Publisher provides complete control over the entire process. Including key issues such as: materials delivery, notifications, reports etc…

Publisher supports an advanced permission model, providing publishing, controll and delivery of materials. And, at all times, business critical data is protected.

Key Features:

Production Planning

The production planning system provides for complete control over the entire scope of production while allowing for clear division of responsibilities. Advertising materials can be deployed on this level. Colorful, transparent schemes make sure that planned content is accurate.

Initial Verification (Preflight)

Automatic preflight with pinpoint notification of problem areas provides complete information about your files. All technical errors and warnings are clearly reported. Over 150 certified preflight checks (Ghent PDF Workgroup – GWG v4 compliant) make sure that the preflight information you received is complete and correct. Be confident that all technical requirements have been met!

To learn more about PuzzleFlow Preflight test click here.

Correction and Optimization

Publisher is more than a powerful management and preflight system. With a hefty arsenal of advanced tools, PuzzleFlow Publisher covers the majority of front-end tasks. Verification and correction of files, page geometry adjustment, built-in color management, automatic trapping, ripping features and many more…

Full compatibility means problem free integration of all these features. Produce thousands of high quality documents daily!

Communication and Teamwork Coordination

Editors, graphic designers, photo-editors, dtp operators, production managers, ad agencies, printers and many more… All of them are engaged in the process. Publisher is the hub for all communication and teamwork coordination. With PuzzleFlow Publisher it’s actually easy and comfortable!

Ad Management

Beginning from planning and ending with a specialized path of approval and completion of production materials… Everything is implemented with an understanding of the most important element for the publishing business – advertising. Our unique method provides for independent work by the editorial and advertising and allowing for element replacement at any time without the need for re-composition.

Delivery System

Fully-automated delivery system guarantees that the files will be submitted to the right place, with the right version at the right time! And, the file and version integrity is confirmed. Meaning, no problem with complex file paths, folder trees, forgotten passwords, out-of-date versions etc…

Hard and Soft Proofing

Beside hard proofs, Publisher also provides a booked preview of the imposed job. It is very helpful for checking that the output will be accurate to the ‘digital layout.’ ICC profiles as well as ripping parameters are respected, therefore the proofs reflect the final output.

Digital Publishing

In the era of new, digital technology, a sheet of paper is replaced by the screen of a smartphone or tablet. Moving with the times PuzzleFlow Publisher offers a wide range of output options including fully compatible, interactive, PDF format e-publications.