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PuzzleFlow WebPairer was designed from the ground up to address all aspects of newspaper production.

WebPairer changes complex tasks into simple steps or completely automates them outright…

Key Features…
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Automation and Efficiency
Printing the news means tight deadlines that require a smooth, functional and easy to use workflow – WebPairer was created to fill that need.

Auto-correct file errors and reduce human mistakes
Fast isn’t good if it is wrong. WebPairer corrects prepress errors: hairlines, transparency, 4 color black/“rich” black, wrong color space (RGB, etc.), wrong margins, incorrect page/ad size, press gain, web growth… All this and more, fixed automatically!

Ideal workflow for commercial jobs
If you print commercial “outside” publications on a web press, WebPairer is the ideal workflow. It will track and manage all of your jobs, correct incorrectly sized originals, easily support and auto impose broadsheet (2-up), tab (4-up), mini-tab (8-up) and more. Even allow your customers to view and approve their pages over the internet.


A step beyond workflow, PuzzleFlow WebPairer is a prepress and production management automation system built around PuzzleFlow’s own native PDF processing engine. PuzzleFlow WebPairer automates file aquisition, preflight, file correction prepress workflow management, file delivery and output control. Produces print-ready plate files for in-house or remote print site production, as well as automatically delivering all other needed formats of your pages (archive PDF, online PDF, JPG, GIF, TIF, etc.) to anywhere you need them, any time you need them.

PuzzleFlow WebPairer was designed from the ground up to address all aspects of newspaper production, changing complex tasks into simple steps or automating them outright. It also boasts unlimited user access and an easy to use browser based interface: if you know how to “surf” the internet, 60% of your training is already done!

Check out the video introduction showing the basic functionality of WebPairer on the right. Then, scroll down for a list of some of WebPairer’s features and benefits.

Watch the video:

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Key Features:

Fully automated processes

prepress fixes • color management • color remapping • color conversion • problem notification • activity logging • ad and page proofing • export of all needed file types • file renaming, copying, converting, FTPing, e-mailing, archiving, purging • e-mail notification • PDFx file generation • PDF file certification • and much more.

Correction and optimization

Automatic Fixing of: overprints, knockouts, hairlines, 4 color (RGB) black, transparency, missing fonts, incorrect color space, fragmented images, wrong page/file size, spot color issues, separated PDF files, uncentered pages, convert fonts to curves, split spreads, double-burn, recombine separations, separate composites, remove crop marks, convert color pages to black and white automatically, remap any color to any color, perform page by page color validation, and more.


Automatic preflight with pinpoint notification of problem areas gives you complete information about your document. All technical errors and warnings are clearly reported. Over 150 certified preflight checks (Ghent PDF Workgroup – GWG v4 compliant) make sure that the information you received is complete and correct.

To learn more about PuzzleFlow Preflight test click here.

Automated Page Pairing/Imposition

PuzzleFlow WebPairer includes all pairing/imposition formats: 1-up, 2-up Broadsheet, 4-up Tabloid, 3 and 6-up Tri-liner, 8-up Quarterfold / Mini, 16-up Large Format. It also handles all newspaper special needs like doubletrucks, dinkies, quarter / half / three-quarter, webs, web-growth / fan-out, creep and wraps

Pairing is problem free because, as soon as a file arrives, PuzzleFlow WebPairer performs automatic page size verification and resizing.

Webgrowth Compensation

WebPairer includes powerful tools to correct for web growth, or fan out. It can also be used to compensates for plate cocking and other causes of misregistration on press.

Color Management

A built-in CMS (Color Management System) makes sure that correct color is produced. Advanced algorithms are based on ICC industry color management standards.


Layered PDF Preflight Reports

Pinpoint preflight warnings and errors! The PuzzleFlow layered PDF preflight report lets you isolate individual warnings, errors and other preflighted items and visually isolate each to identify specific issues with a preflighted file and the exact items affected.

“Mouse Over” the graphic to the left for an illustration of how layered PDF reports work.

Optional Add-ons:

Automatic Ad Pre-processing

Upgradable to include Automator FULL, Automatic ad pre-processing, including size checking and fixing, color checking and fixing and prepress checking and fixing, with full integration to your ad booking, tracking and layout systems. Brings all the features, benefits and automated preflight to your ads, before they are placed on pages…

To learn more about automatic ad processing see:
PuzzleFlow Automator

Ink Optimization

WebPairer can include ColorSaver, PuzzleFlow’s automated ink optimization software that can reduce your use of CMY inks (or toner) by 20% or more. Producing significant cost savings, while actually improving quality and printability

To learn more about ink saving solutions see:
PuzzleFlow ColorSaver

CIP3/4 Ink-key presetting

The CIP3 Addition lets you generate CIP3/CIP4 ink profiles in PPF and DIPS formats to auto set ink keys at press. Fully integrated and configurable from the unified web interface.

Trapping (Spreads / chokes)

Optional automatic trapping can compensate for misregistration on the printing press. Advanced trapping parameters for text, vectors and bitmaps can be defined with PuzzleFlow Automator…

Technical Support

Ongoing professional support includes all major and minor updates, phone, e-mail and remote support… 24/7 support is available

To learn more about PuzzleFlow Support see:
Support, Download and Help


“When it came time to upgrade our workflow software, we were committed to finding a product that could keep up with our rapid growth provided by a company that would be around to support that product. We looked at a large number of programs, but in the end the choice was clear. PuzzleFlow offered us the automated processes, clean look and long term security we were looking for at a very competitive price.”

Byron Wooten
IT Manager, The Villages Media Group – publishers of The Villages Daily Sun.

“PuzzleFlow is proving to be the most powerful, AND flexible of all the workflow software packages we found. To find a company that really gets it, in this economy, and provide the full range of support prior-to, during, and after the installation and through implementation is as rewarding as any part of our conversion to CTP.”

Tom Shafer
CNHI’s Corporate Vice President/production

“Just realized that I have not taken time to mention that we appreciate all that our software has been doing for us the last 60 days. Thanks to all who have worked so hard to put this product together and thanks for the support. I am really enjoying it today.”

Bruce Banks
Technologies Coordinator, The Adrian Daily Telegram

“We’ve got usable PDFs for our ad placement and e-edition. Off press the image quality has been much improved . . . there’s a noticeable difference. Before PuzzleFlow, anything that needed to be done in our previous workflow was a support call and we felt there was plenty of opportunity to mess something up . . . [With PuzzleFlow WebPairer] I really like that I can . . . set up rules to collect pages off an FTP site . . . if I need low res ads sent to one location and high res ads or PDFs collected into a booklet; if I need to automate page pairing, soft- or hard-proof something . . . whatever it is, I can just do all this stuff . . . I feel Powerful.”

Greg Davenport
Prepress Manager, The Herald-Times


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