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PuzzleFlow Recombiner converts separated PDF documents to composite PDF versions. Separated pages are transformed into composite using a unique algorithm that identifies similarities between objects without going through the process of ripping – preserving all PDF vector elements. For this reason, each recombined file may undergo further editing in any PDF application. In cases where there is no information about the separations in the PDF file, the program allows for manual marking of the the colorants on the pages. Spot colors can be preserved, removed or converted to CMYK space.

Key features:

  • Support of separated PDF 1.x and PDF/X documents
  • Automatic grouping of separations
  • Full support of spot colors
  • Preview of recombined documents
  • Support of ripped files (copy-dot) – recombination following the process of ripping
  • Support of tonal transition of all types as well as patterns and multi-tone images
  • Transferring and preservation of OPI comments to the composited files
  • Support of trapping parameters from QuarkXPress

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