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PuzzleFlow Separator is not just a PDF separator, it is
a color management suite
providing intuitive ICC based
color conversion as well as complete CIP3 ink control…

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Significantly improve print quality
By using the latest ICC color management!

Upgrade your current system without upgrading
Conversion between composite and pre-separated documents provides
full compatibility with older pre-press workflows and RIP systems.

Take control of color
Improve consistency and reduce the potential for errors and problems!

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Separator is 100% PDF with its own, powerful PDF Library built in (current version supports PDF versions 1.3-1.7, PDF/X and PDF/A). Versatile and powerful, this stand-alone application will have no problems with “troublesome” objects and effects such as: gradients, transparencies, patterns, traps, copy-dot (ripped documents), OPI comments etc.

PuzzleFlow Separator can be used as a stand-alone tool or in combination with other PuzzleFlow solutions. For example, you can add an optional modules to create automated impositions from your PDF files.

Key Features:

PDF support

Separator’s powerful and accurate PDF Library provides support for PDF versions 1.3-1.7, PDF/X and PDF/A.

Color management

Color correction controls allow you to specify the target color space (RGB, CMYK, GrayScale), ICC profile and rendering intent.

Other tools and features provide comprehensive control over: spot colors (spot to cmyk conversion, color re-mapping), ripping parameters (resolution, line frequency, screen angles, dot shapes) as well as overprint and rich black objects.

Complete CIP3 ink control

The CIP3 function lets you generate CIP3 ink profiles in PPF and DIPS formats.

Recombiner module

Separator supports both composite and pre-separated PDF documents. The conversion from pre-separated PDF documents into composite versions is possible through an optional Recombiner module. Separated pages are transformed into composite using a unique algorithm that identifies similarities between objects without going through the process of ripping, preserving all PDF vector elements. The result is a fully editable, vector-based document!

If the information about separations is incorrect or incomplete, the operator can specify or redefine all necessary parameters.

Separator module

Separator is designed to separate composite PDF files, allowing for integration between modern pre-press workflows that use composite PDF and older RIP systems that require separated PDF is no longer a problem!

Control over ripping parameters

Complete control over PDF output means that, with many systems, it is possible to use Separator to “tell the RIP what to do”. Separator can instruct a RIP using ripping parameters such as: resolution, screen frequency, screen angles, dot shapes, etc.


Instant result preview

At each stage it is possible to switch quickly between the composite and separation previews with just one click.