Preflight • Page Preparation • Pairing

Newspaper production environment providing a comprehensive set of tools for page pairing process definition, submition and control.


WebPairer is an PuzzleFlow Workflow extension tailored for Newspaper production. Pages are preflighted, corrected and imposed in seconds. Additional operations, such as color management, separation, OPI image swap and job redistribution are also possible.

Entire poduction process has been splitted into three stages: PreImposition, Pairing and PostImposition. First one is being responsible for page preflight and preparation, second merges single pages into production sheets, last one is mostly used for material distribution

At the PreImposition stage different acceptance rules are used according to the title definition. Page geometry is being checked, color match, page naming convention and other document technical aspects. Once page is prepared and approved it goes to the next stage.

It's Under Control

One of the most crucial aspects of the Newspaper production is right page assignment and timing. With PuzzleFlow WebPairer both are under control.

Naming Convention support module allows to map a file name to the system variables and then use them to control the process. Once the variables are defined a bunch of acceptance rules can be defined for input pages. You can be sure the right pages will go into the process and that they will be processed with right system settings.

Deadline Control module helps to control production timing. Different deadlines can be defined for different page ranges and proper notifications are sent when something goes wrong.

WebPairer Benefits


WebPairer automates incoming and outgoing file verification, standardizes the process of file delivery to print suppliers, and provides a single source for monitoring and managing publications from file accusation, through creation to final file distribution.


WebPairer simplifies page preparation, allowing the production staff to focus on content rather than technical issues.


WebPairer's acceptance rules and deadline monitor allows to keep things under control.


The PuzzleFlow PDF library provides flexibility and compatibility for today's print production and e-file creation, and is engineered to support future industry developments in page description and publication technology. This powerful PDF library lets webPairer perform extensive tests and perform necessary technical corrections on each file - early in the process, and in a matter of seconds - to make sure they are correct, compatible, and ready for print and e-production.

All files are verified in the pre-delivery stage an easy to read preflight status report is made available. Over 150 test can be applied in seconds, and preflighting can be adapted to the publication and print suppliers preferences. Additional preflighting elminates errors that can happen when a page or ad does not conform to planned content: like size, colors, missing ads, etc.). We call this 'logical preflight' and its results are presented on there own "designer screen."

Universal Working Files

Within WebPairer, everything is Converted into universal PDf working files. This means that documents can easily become print-ready PDFs, or e-publishing ready PDFs.

The PuzzleFlow PDF library is used to produce hundreds of publications, world-wide, every day. This powerful, automated PDF core is used to ensure proper final file creation. Among other things, transparency handeling, color mapping, rich black and overprint correction, full vector based trapping and PDF/X workflow for high end standardization are built in.

WWW User Interface

WebPairer has a web based, Flash free interface and can be controlled from every modern browser. Because of that it's platform independend and can be used by Windows as well as Mac users and even from mobile devices.