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Color Management System

Sophisticated color correction and management PuzzleFlow offers a modern system of color management based on the ICC profiles. Thanks to it, the full conversion of color spaces, profile removal and the swapping of colors is possible. The above operations may comprise the whole document or the selected groups of objects (text, vector graphics and images). The CMS system deals with device-link-type profiles and the emulation for proofers.

PuzzleFlow processes both composite and separated documents and makes it possible to convert a document of one type into a document of the other type and vice versa. The options of the system within the range of manipulating spot colors are complemented by ColorMapper, which enables you to modify, remove, and convert the selected spot colors into CMYK.


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Color Manager provides various color correction strategies, the same or distinct for text objects, vector graphics, vignettes continuous tone and indexed images. Correction strategies include full ICC-based color correction, color space tagging, untagging or retagging with the ICC profiles. It supports both standard device and device-link profiles. It utilizes direct or emulated (proofing) color correction using various rendering intents, defined globally or selectively for distinct objects. Spot colors can be excluded and converted according to the predefined color list. CMS provides an unsharp mask filter, and supports hexachrome and other N-color output profiles.


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ColorMapper can selectively replace or remove spot colors. Colors can be changed into other spot color, into process colors or just removed from the job. The module recognizes the colorant control information from a job ticket accompanying the processed job.


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Separator separates composite PDF documents into separated jobs. It allows defining the range and order of output colorants, replacing selected spot colors with Process or other spot colors. The module recognizes the colorant control information from a job ticket accompanying the processed job.


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The Recombiner module recombines separated PDF documents into composite jobs. Spot color separations can be selectively recombined as spot colors or merged to CMYK components. The output becomes a composite, fully editable PDF file. The module recognizes the separation information from a job ticket accompanying the processed job.